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We find it particular useful here as counter offers from the existing employers will normally come into picture at this stage for good candidates. A tactful monitoring of the resignation process will minimize the risk of the successful candidate not reporting duty, and all parties concern need to re-start the search process again.

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Job Title: Head of Structured Finance
Ref.#: 50801
Location: HongKong
Company Description:
Requirements and Application Details:
    Our client is a very large PRC investment bank in HK.

    The job:

    Report to the Head of IBD

    Perform risk analysis and understanding of all issues relevant for each transaction

    Perform financial analysis and modeling of the projects being considered?
    Structure of financing deals?
    Oversee and manage the fund raising activities, prepare fund raising materials such as pitch books, memoranda and other presentation for prospective investors.

    Oversees due diligence on potential investment opportunities and evaluating investment feasibility;

    Provide both financing and investment solutions for professional investors in the space of private equity sector- Help to source, structure, and execute financing deals involving direct investment, private equity and venture capital

    Work with lenders/investors to prove financing solutions and review the collaterals of the underlying transaction and provide such solutions in a syndicated format.

    Address investors?inquiries and concerns in a timely manner

    Work with other financial intermediaries and other international investors for the deal

    Review term sheets and legal documents?
    Perform general business development and sourcing of new deals

    Foster relationships with investors and maintain existing relationships.?

    The requirements:

    Holder of a good degree in business with a CFA qualification or equivalent

    10 years experience in structured finance or private equity in leading international investment banks

    Sound track records in deals for private equity, venture capital or direct investment

    Excellent command of Chinese and English, with an ability to speak Putonghua.

    Please send cv in MS Word Format to Thomson Ng, email, @ cc cv @
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Publish Date: 2018-05-08