Career Outsourcing

Over the past years, corporate recruitment direction has significantly moved whereby Human Resources Budget Allocation and Headcount Availability has caused discrepancies in overall staffing scenarios. In view of the existing demand of staff with the absence of headcount openings, Global Associates has developed a new service - “Outsourcing Total Solution (Global OTS)” which has already been utilized by a number of reputable clients with large presence in Greater China.

Global OTS addressing clients’ needs
GLOBAL OTS has been specifically devised to address to clients’ current human resources and staff requirements:

Headcount Freeze
GLOBAL OTS will allow organizations the luxuries of having additional labour resources without disturbing the budgeted headcount. Project-based development programmes, regular temporary staffing, and short-term swift HR deployment; are now more accessible through GLOBAL OTS. New staffs are hired through Global, and the remunerations will be consolidated into a simple service fee.

Zero Administration
We have designed GLOBAL OTS with a mandate to minimize the organization’s administration load. Therefore, GLOBAL OTS was designed to be an under-the-umbrella, total solution to provide the best effectiveness by eliminating further Human Resources Administration workload. The GLOBAL OTS package will include all benefit programs in accordance to the bylaws set out by the Labour Department and other options of further benefits.

Minimize Liability
New and upcoming staff benefit programmes, such as the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF); medical benefits; etc. will be an added liability to our clients. GLOBAL OTS has a built-in option customized to take on this liability so as to minimizing new costs to our clients. GLOBAL OTS, to provide a carefree environment for our clients, will absorb future crossover and other administration.

Strategic Positioning
Non-technical staff hired under GLOBAL OTS, will free up resources for areas of needs; providing more optimised utilization of headcount and resources. GLOBAL OTS will also allow our clients the opportunities to reassess the existing resource distribution, for organizational structure optimisation. Moreover, newly created technical position can be held for extended observation period before hiring as a permanent employee.

Global OTS Features
Retaining of Human Assets
The most significant issue facing most organization is the loss of their Human Assets. Therefore it is GLOBAL OTS’s mandate to have a native Retaining Program (RP) incorporated in the infrastructure to minimize loss of trained staff and replacement lead-time. We have devised a 4-tier plan:

I. Professional Sensitive Candidate Filtering
Candidates who are submitted for the particular position have been filtered through our professional interviewing process, with the focus of more intrinsic personal attributes such as the right attitude, the right culture and the right vision. This process will act as the first step of the preventive measures in Human Assets Turnover.

II. Project-end Gratuity Option
Depending on the nature of the employment, our clients will have the option of installing a gratuity bonus which will be an incentive for the employee to maintain his/her performance, while working towards the end of the project; thus retaining the employee. There are a few different options catering for the different seniority level.

III. Interim Job Evaluations
Global OTS will hold interim evaluations with the candidates to monitor the progress and the overall situation, for early signals of resignation threats. On the other hand, by assessing the candidates’ progress, they will have better supports and will be better motivated for their jobs-on-hand.

IV. Assurance of Contract Extension
Global OTS will have an informative knowledge and information base that will provide ample contract positions for the candidates approaching the end of their current terms, therefore minimizing their worries and their probable job-hunting actions close to the end of contract terms. By providing job opportunities extending from their contract terms, candidates will be more assured and thus retaining them at the current position.

Reliability and Confidentiality
Due to the sensitive nature of the working environment, the candidates should understand all basic terms of confidentiality and further, expectations of professionalism, care and liabilities. Global OTS will prepare a personal profile with references to the candidates’ basic decency.

With the interaction with the outsourcing staff, Global will also have a set of confidentiality standards to assure the organization of the GLOBAL OTS reliability.